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mental health and stretching

Everybody has those off days. Years ago, I discovered yoga. For a few years I ran a group on the weekends. Stretching helps with anxiety and depression.

Here are links to my favorite stretching videos.

I also do a fair amount of Brazilian JiuJitsu. If you would like to try what my colleague Jeremy calls “involuntary yoga” or “folding clothes with people inside them” get ahold of Jeff Shaw or Jesse Johns at Bellingham BJJ in Bellingham, WA, or click here for online instruction. You and I, we need more Jiu Jitsu in our lives. Jiu Jitsu helps mental health. Or at least it can.

Now I’m going to do my favorite morning yoga, then off to breakfast with Leah Martinez from Healing Harbor Therapy in Ferndale, WA. Cheers!

With Appreciation!